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      Doug Barger

    Maine Centennial Half Dollar

    3rd January 2009

    obverse reverse

    Creepshow 2 dvd

    Designer: Anthony de Francisci

    Number Authorized: 100,000, May 10th 1920

    Head of State rip Stone & Ed full movie

    Redbelt dvd

    buy The Cake Eaters Number Made:  50,028

    buy The Last Emperor Melted: None

    Price Sold for : $1.00

    Killing Me Softly video

    Approximate Value now: $170.00 in MS60

    The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema buy


    This coin was produced to celebrate the Centennial of the state of Maine’s acceptance into the Union as a free state. Maine was settled in 1604 and by royal charter was it’s own Provence, but by 1658 Maine came under control of Massachusetts. This did not sit well with the settlers of this province and to make matters worse during the war of 1812 Massachusetts did a poor job of supporting and protecting Maine form the British invaders. All of this aggravation and animosity toward Massachusetts led to Maine’s petition to the federal government to become a state.   Maine was husmbandmanaccepted as the 23rd state on March 15, 1820. This was apart of the Missouri compromise.sail Too Saved movie download


    The coin was originally intended to sell at the centennial celebration in Portland Maine, but the coins got there too  late, half were sold by years end and the rest though the state treasurer.

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    On the obverse we see Maine’s coat of arms that became the state seal. on the left we see a husbandman (farmer) resting on a scythe on the right a sailor resting on an anchor, these devices have a dual meaning. They are representing land,  sea, fishing, and farming in Maine. In the middle they have a Maine pine with a Moose-Deer resting below. The pine represents the timber resource available the state motto is “Pine Tree State”. The deer is a common deer in that area. The star on top is the North star, and the motto “dirigo” directly translated means “I direct” or I Guide” As the North Star has been considered the mariner’s guide, as it here is intended to represent the State. On the reverse we see a pine wreath.   The rest of the coin’s design is obvious and needs no explanation.

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